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  The Long Gandhi     
Spreading the Gospel of Baseball             .

"This is a simple game: you throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball..." - Trey Wilson as Durham Bulls' Skipper Joe Reardon in Bull Durham.

"I deny being a visionary... But I have seen the world. I have lived in the world with my eyes open. I have gone through the most fiery ordeals that have fallen to the lot of man. I have gone through this discipline." - Mohandas K. Gandhi


Following those two tenets, I have devoted myself to the exploration and discovery of all things baseball.  I will delve into stats, stories and everything else in my quest to become a Bodhisattva of Baseball - an Enlightened One.*


Articles & Essays


05/04/2016 – Hidden Greatness: this pitcher should be getting more Hall of Fame hype.

04/20/16 – More Notes: Observations on DFS, Velasquez, Wainwright, Brown and the Astros.

04/10/16 – Notes on the New Season: The first week has been eventful and comment-worthy

04/05/16 – Spring Christmas: The XFL has two big holidays every year and one of them was this past week.

03/01/16 – The 2016 Top 50 Fantasy Prospects: My list of the best prospects for your dynasty league

02/29/16 – Everyone Else’s Top Prospects: An aggregated list of the Top 100 prospects in baseball.

12/10/15 – Rizzo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year: 2015 is over, but 2016 is looking questionable.

11/10/15 – The Annual “Why I Picked These Guys” Wrap-up: The November XFL draft is complete.

08/24/15 – The Nats Will Never Win It All (Pt.2): the two biggest obstacles to a championship

07/29/15 – Steroids Before Testing: although the evidence is far from complete, usage was less than previously thought.

07/21/15 – Trade Deadline Predictions: and hopefully some of them will be right

06/10/15 – Top 10 Race Horses: American Pharoah re-ignites interest in horse racing

06/02/15 – Mechanics and the Brain: Trying to explain some anomalous pitching performances

05/20/15 – The Nats Will Never Win It All (pt.1 ): Why Strasburg is the worst pitcher in baseball this year

04/25/15 – The Non-Debate about Bonds: Some clarification about the latest in the Bonds saga

04/23/15 – Chris Rock’s Wrong: Rock’s rant about blacks and baseball is well off-the-mark

04/07/15 – The Name of Rose: Of course Pete Rose is in baseball news… again.

04/04/15 – Thou Shalt Be Saved: A recap of my XFL supplemental draft picks

03/14/15 – The 2015 Top Fantasy Prospects: A list of the top 50 prospects for 2015 and beyond

02/02/15 – Super No-Brainer: Did the Superbowl feature one of the biggest blunders in sports history?

World's Best
columns and research submitted by the readers


Spring Forward - A great article from the Economist that accurately appraises the state of statistical analysis in baseball

Unbalanced Schedules, Park Effects and Performance Deflators - John Shea's paper underscores the advantages teams gain with the unbalanced schedule and its surprising effects on statistical analysis

Bill Dean Archive -
Deane has provided statistical work and stories behind the stats for ESPN and Fox Sports.


The Best of...



02/02/15 - Super No-Brainer: Did the Superbowl feature one of the biggest blunders in sports history?

01/10/14 - The Quest: Someone has to get into the Hall of Fame with 100% of the vote, don’t they? Yeah, this guy.

03/14/13 - Baseball’s New Dirty Little Secret - the Oakland As don’t play Moneyball? Say it isn’t so!

01/20/13 - The Call of Squawkers: Cheating and the Hall of Fame

01/19/13 - The Fail of Statistics: Why the Hall of Fame should not become the Hall of Statistics

06/03/08 - The Failure of Moneyball: as a draft philosophy, Beane's revolution has not lived up to the hype.
01/07/08 - Title Talk: a look at USC's "dynasty" and a preview of tonight's championship game
12/04/07 - Tiger by the Tail: despite it's flaws, did the BCS pick the right teams to play for the championship?
03/13/07 - Tribute: last year's AL Tout Wars race inspired me to research the "very first fantasy" baseball league.
04/04/06 - Barry's World: The real differences between Ruth and Bonds
01/01/06 - Mazzone Magic: How much does a pitching coach matter?
09/11/05 - Brave's Nation: Debunking the myth machine surrounding the Atlanta Braves
09/20/04 - Pitching for Next Year: Nine starting pitching sleepers for next year
08/20/04 - Ce Qui S'est Produit a Montreal: Baseball leaves Montreal, but hopefully not forever.
08/26/03 - The High Price of Going Home: how good of a deal did the Padres get?
08/16/03 - More Unbreakable Records: are they really unbreakable?
06/18/03 - The Unknown All-Star: this pitcher deserves a spot but likely won't get it.
07/15/02 - The Perfect American: The passing of American legend Ted Williams
05/11/02 - The Strife of Reilly: Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly shoots his own foot on fantasy baseball
03/31/02 - The Importance of Spring Pitching Stats: are there hints of breakout seasons?
10/22/01 - Well, Not Quite: This year's World Series match-up might be better than expected.
09/18/01 - Words and Meaning: A few words about the tragic events of the past week.
08/09/01 - Move it or Lose it: my suggestions for relocating several teams
05/08/01 - Popped Back to the Screen: What makes a great baseball movie?
06/08/00 - Blown Arms and Other Ghost Stories: Part 2 on pitch counts, reconstructed arms and sports medicine
05/23/00 - Pitch Counts (part 1): A little history and theory on sagacious use of a pitching arm.  Part 1 of  2

01/10/00 - the Greatest Athlete Debate: Who had the greatest impact on his/her sport and society.


... and on the steroids era
Caught: a complete list of every baseball player who has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs
Barry Bonds’ obstruction conviction appellate decision

Barry Bonds’ perjury indictment

Barry Bonds’ doping calendars

Barry Bonds’ BALCO testimony

Barry Bonds' positive tests for steroids

Roger Clemens’ indictment
08/01/05 - Rafael Palmeiro: assessing the fall-out of testing positive for steroids.
12/12/04 - What a Surprise!!: reaction to the steroid usage confessions of Giambi and Bonds
04/22/04 - Chasing Ben: Is Bonds really as amazing as the media is making him out to be?
10/25/02 - Is He for Real?: Barry Bonds: Man, Myth or Medicine?



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